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Skumin V. A., Bobina L. A. A health througn a culture.

Skumin V. A. and Bobina L. A. (1990) A health through a culture. In: International Conference on Healthy Lifestyles. Novgorod: Ministry of Health of the USSR, Leningrad Institute of Advanced Medical Training n.a. S.M. Kirov., p.172.


V. A. Skumin
L. A. Bobina

State Institute for Advanced Medical Training
Kharkov, USSR

The conceptual model of organizing the activity for an introduc­tion of a healthy way of life is proposed, built on a fundamental principle: "A health through a culture". When speaking about a culture of a health (both in individual and social views) we mean three main aspects — physical, psychical, and spiritual — in their unityand originality.
A physical (somatic) health is provided with a body hygiene, an optimal natural physical activity, a right regime of a manual labour and a rest, sanitary and corrective physical training exercises, rational feeding and the best environment maintenance.
A psychical health preserving and strengthening is achieved by keeping psychic prophylaxis and psychic hygiene regulations, including a thought, speech and behaviour hygiene, by forming the skills of a psychological self-protection and cheerful psychical and emotional mood keeping, by psychic self-control manners applying, educating in a mental work culture.
A spiritual health (the callous individual should not be con­sidered to be healthy, of full value) directly depends on maximum opening of a person's spiritual, moral, and ethical potential, on his conscious tendency to the realization, of highlight person's characteristics and true predestination on joining the treasure house of a cultural and spiritual wealth, acquired on the evolution way.
An active education of inhabitants, according to the adequate programs in the families, various educational (of the kindergartens to the universities) and sanitary (the holiday homes, health centers) institutions would permit to work out a problem of a healthy way of life forming.